The start of adventure in Morocco_Marrakech

Finally I came to Morocco which I had really desired to travel. Here is the first Africa continent what I’ve stepped. Marrakech’s sunshine is strong and pleasant. The orange sand and buildings made me feel that I was in Africa.


I had booked a traditional Moroccan style Riad hotel, which has a lovely square garden inside the house. A driver from the hotel took me there through a labyrinthine road, a little scared as a woman traveler. However soon I’ve found a lovely Riad with fresh Moroccan Mint tea which the Riad host served to me.

Tip: I recommend if you’d like to book Riad in Morocco, arranging pick up driver si essential because most riads are located in labyrinthine.

Still Morning!!

After taking a rest for a while and releasing my stuffs in my lovely room, I was toward the traditional Souk.

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