Sustainable Design Solutions
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Create products tailored to your company with grape lab’s sustainable solutions. We design products with powerful messages and strong environmental and social values. In addition to event kits and corporate gifts, we can develop unique sustainable design products that meet the particular needs of different businesses and institutions.

Recent Partnerships

2021 P4G Seoul Summit

The P4G Summit is a global initiative launched in 2017 to accelerate the achievement of climate change response and sustainable development goals(SDGs). In commemoration of its hosting in Seoul in 2021, grape lab planned, designed and produced goods with our series of sustainable design products. In commemoration of the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit, it was exhibited and sold at the special exhibition called “Tong’s Vintage: The Strange Tongui General Store” held at Daelim Museum of Art.

Dell Technologies
<Blue Planet x Blue Pixel>

Dell Technologies has set specific management strategies and goals to create sustainable social value, leading the coexistence, win-win, and circular economy, and steadily practicing its social responsibility as a global company.

Dell Technologies launched the industry’s first product using wood-extracted bioplastics and recycled carbon fibers and received the highest rating of “Gold” in the U.S. Electronics Eco-Friendly Certification System (EPEAT) to verify its sustainability effectiveness. 

grape lab and Dell Technologies designed and produced g.flow art edition “Blue Planet,” meaning blue star Earth, and “Pixel,” the smallest unit of computer screens, with one of the grape lab members, pixel artist “Pixel Kim”. Also, planned and launched a sustainable campaign <Blue Planet x Blue Pixel>.

SK Innovation g.flow stone

grape lab designed a package for portable laptop stand g.flow stone reflecting SK Innovation signature brand color. grape lab produced SK Innovation’s band package with single material and without any chemical adhesives.

The Cru Welcome Kit

We designed the eco-friendly materials that compose ‘The Cru Welcome Kit’ from Caudalie, a French cosmetic brand that uses Bordeaux grapes as its main ingredient. The Founder’s Message card, made of ‘recycled paper from wheat husks,’ highlights the organic philosophy of Caudalie. The story cards, printed on 100% recycled paper that passed the European toy safety standard certification, bring back analog nostalgia of Polaroids photos. Besides, grape lab’s signature multi-stand ‘g.stand’ was included in the kit.


Heineken x NAU
Package with grape lab

Heineken Korea and the sustainable life wear brand NAU have created a limited-edition T-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles. This T-shirt uses recycled “K-rPET” fiber made from domestically discharged PET bottles as its fabric. Every T-shirt uses thirty 500ml bottles.

For the campaign of Heineken x NAU, grape lab created coasters that match the Heineken brand image. The coasters were designed using eco-friendly ‘100% recycled paper’ made from ‘malt residue and beer bottle labels.’ To make it even more sustainable, a unique ‘33% ink-saving font’ was used. We also designed a zero-waste & eco-friendly package made of ‘recycled pulp’ that can also be used as a calendar.

tvN <You Quiz on the Block>
pagelight & diary Package

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of tvN, grape lab planned goods for tvN’s representative program <New Journey to the West> and <You Quiz on the Block>. grape lab designed and produced a sustainable concept pagelight & diary package of <You Quiz on the Block> with a sustainable concept. It is carefully designed to be used again as a material that does not harm the environment. Packages are made of recycled pulp boxes, 100% recycled paper, and FSC certified paper stickers for materials. The band can be used as a calendar, and with the solar charging wireless LED mood lamp, we wish that people can feel sustainable designs in their daily lives.

illustrated by LEODAV

Julia and Ju Hwi's Brewery
Traditional Liquor <Hosim> Zero Waste To-go Package

Traditional Liquor Zero Waste To-go Package
Grape lab planned, designed and produced the Zero Waste To-go Package for Julia and Ju Hwi’s Brewery Traditional Liquor , made solely with rice, yeast, and water. We visualized traditional liquor’s warm flavor and tasting notes with painting Noel(Sunset) by grape lab’s member artist Bae Kyung-wook. The painting represents the character of , 100% pure, deep, sour, subtle sweetness and fruit scent with 0% additives. The tag containing the liquor’s information is made out of recycled paper, and the label on the bottle is easy-to-remove and easy to discard. The cooling bag is made to be reused to minimize waste and designed to be used for a long time, and the top sealing cotton cloth can be used as a coaster. For the last, even empty bottles can be reused as vases. grape lab designed every detail so that the package could be recycled/reused.

Hanwha Life Insurance
Welcome KIT 'g.flow'

Hanwha Life Insurance presented grape lab’s portable laptop stand g.flow to their new employees with a heart of thinking about daily values and environment to consider and practice ways to coexist with nature. grapelab designed and produced g.flow, a welcome card with eco-friendly recycled paper and customized re-re pouch(no plastic bag, reusable pouch) with Hanwha Life Insurance illustration for Welcome Kit.

Humaniora Perfume Brand
<Scelmar> Giving Bag

This is a Giving bag of Humaniora’s premium niche perfume brand, Selmar. 
Selmar is short for a masterpiece of elaborate scent. Scelmar is a perfume for premium niche customers seeking calm, simple, and elaborated steering. <The lily of the valley>, by the grape lab member artist Bae Kyung-wook, visualizes Scelmar’s Philosophy through the art workshop at grape lab. grape lab produced an art edition paperback with 100% recycled paper that obtained four environmental marks, including FSC certification. 

SK ZIC 2021 Calendar

grape lab designed SK Lubricants 2021 calendar highlighting the company’s values while pursuing a sustainable concept. Eco-friendliness was the focus of the entire project–from the planning stage to the disposal process. We designed the calendar using FSC certified 100% recycled paper, eco-friendly soybean oil printing, a 33% ink-saving typography, and paper springs.

Social Innovation Company 'DeoHam' Welcome KIT

The socially innovative company ‘Doe Ham’ remodeled the Korean YMCA in Myeong-dong and opened the ‘Page Myeong-dong,’ store and office, and the ‘Community House Masil,’ a cultural space.

grape lab designed a welcome kit for the new space. It included grape lab’s 100% recycled paper laptop stand g.flow, the eco-friendly recycled paper notebook g.note, a pencil made of coffee grounds, a paper bag made of 100% sugarcane by-products, a greetings card printed on a paper made from recycled cardboard boxes, and an envelope package made of recycled Korean paper. This welcome kit uses grape lab’s core values–sustainability, zero waste, and upcycling.

Hana Financial Group

The Hyundai Department Store

SK Battery America

F5 Networks

National Hangeul Museum

KBS Media

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Make your brand stand out with grape lab’s product lines uniqueness. Product and packaging customization to include your company logo. Ideal for event gift sets and corporate gifts for forward-thinking brands.

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Exclusive product development to perfectly fit your company’s image. Fully customize our current product lines or request a new product creation and we will unveil powerful and innovative designs that focus on environmental and social values.

Partnerships That Value Sustainability

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Creating awareness about sustainable design alternatives to common environmentally harmful products and making them readily available to more people is a great way to promote sustainability and solve environmental and social problems.

At grape lab, we offer wholesale options at several quantity brackets. Please contact us for our wholesale purchase discount policy.