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Sustainable Design Lab, grape lab

We are grape lab, a sustainable design lab which is doing various experiments to solve environmental and social issues from a design point of view. We focus mainly on wasted resources and vulnerable people in marginal areas of our society. We care about every single step of our product’s lifecycle, use minimum resources and technology and, eliminate unnecessary elements from the design. Our lab is a discrimination-free environment. Young people with intellectual disabilities are a vital part of our team – their diverse talents and skills are what gives life to our products.

Sustainable Design Consulting

Design products and services development
At grape lab, we offer sustainable design solutions for brands. We specialize in products made using ecofriendly materials and origami-like folding structures. At our studio’s showroom in Seoul, we have a library of eco-friendly materials and a gallery of sustainable products for public consultation.

Art Collaboration with young people
with disabilities

We also collaborate with artists with disabilities for the g.stand art edition. Our goal is to continue working with vulnerable people, giving them opportunities for exposure, and creating a profitable platform for them.